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There is NO Comparison

The 4orce  VS SalesForce

                Do you have the right tools to effectively market and grow your business?

-The 4orce CRM software’s ability to help you manage your clients and increase sales is unmatched in the industry! used to be the industry standard – we just broke the rules by giving you more for less!

-The 4orce CRM software is also unique in the CRM industry by helping protect professionals from lawsuits.

-The 4orce is the best software on the planet specifically designed for the insurance and financial services industry to manage your clients-, safely, effectively, and fast.   TAKE A LOOK AND COMPARE!           

Cost Comparison

       has the following pricing models:

                                -Group Edition                                  $99 per user per year
                                -Professional Edition                      $780 per user per year  
                                -Enterprise Edition                          $1,500 per user per year
                                -Unlimited Edition                           $3,000 per user per year 

                The 4orce has the following pricing model:

                                -$500 per year (this includes two users)
                                -$500 per year to add groups of five additional users until you reach the maximum annual cost of $2,500 a year.

Feature Comparison

To view a specific list with a comparison that will blow your mind, please click here.

-What should also jump out at you is that The 4orce has a few valuable features that does not have (e-newsletter system, e-newsletters, an insurance pipeline reports, and template follow-up letters).

What’s the Catch?

-How can The 4orce be priced so much less than and still have the same or better features at less than 1/4th of the cost?  There is no catch.  Yes, there is cost in putting the program together and tweaking it so it is a usable tool for consumers; but once done, the cost to set up new users is not significant.

-The 4orce does not have to pay a sales team to sell its software.  Instead, it is sold directly to businesses that will use it.   Finally, the fact of the matter is that The 4orce is not sold with a fat profit margin.  It was built and designed to be a consumer-friendly product and priced at a point to encourage all businesses to get on board. 

-To buy options so you can accomplish the following six uses at for just two employees would cost your business $3,000 a year.  With The 4orce, the cost would be $500 a year.  Again, there is no comparison when it comes to providing usable software at a sensible price.

                Why do most businesses buy CRM programs?  

                1) To become more organized
                                -use a calendar and task system that is interactive between employees in a virtual environment
                2) To have a systematic follow-up system to drip on leads and clients in an effort to generate more sales
                3) Track the productivity of marketing campaigns
                4) Setup a permissions tree to allow different employee access to selected areas of data/information
                5) Track the productivity of employees
                6) To save documents and correspondence on an outside server

                Why else should businesses buy CRM programs?  To AVOID LAWSUITS!

-The 4orce was specifically designed to help professionals avoid lawsuits.  We live in a very litigious society.  Professional negligence can have a very long shelf life due to the tolling of the statute of limitations to a time when the client should have reasonably known of the negligence. 

                For example: An insurance agent could sell a life insurance policy 4-6-8+ years ago and still have a lawsuit filed for negligence today.  It is vital to have copies of all correspondence with clients.  In the age of e-mails, far too many e-mails are being deleted and not kept in a file for future use.

-With a The 4orce CRM system, you can send all important e-mails to clients and have them and any attachments kept in the CRM system basically forever.  Additionally, The 4orce CRM program is the ONLY program in the market that provides to users pre-drafted full disclosure follow-up letters that can be sent or e-mailed to clients when discussing or making sales of life insurance or annuities.  This aspect of The 4orce CRM is enough reason to purchase the program.

-Thank you for comparing The 4orce CRM program to We hope you believe like we do that there is no comparison and that The 4orce is a must have to help you protect and grow your business. 

-To get started, simply fax in your order form (click here to download).