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Let the 4orce be with You
(to protect and grow your business)
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                Why was The 4orce created? 

                It’s like how many things in life get createdneed.  I had a need for a CRM program for my businesses; and when I went to market to look at what was out there, I was disappointed and a bit surprised.

                Most of you probably know the major players in the market and Goldmine (or Act which is not a powerful program worth discussing).

                To get the options I wanted with, it would cost me about $6,000 a year.  To get started with Goldmine would cost $4,000 the first year plus a per-head user fee.

                Then there were many “cheap” programs at $39 per month that while inexpensive did not have near the options I wanted.  So I called my programmers and asked them if they could put together for my businesses a CRM program that would fit my needs.  I said I wanted the following:

                1) A virtual Outlook calendar online where multiple people could see the parts of my calendar that allows others to view and the ability to assign and track tasks to others and myself.
                2) An ability to put in leads, clients, accounts, and contacts into a classic client management system so I could have all of my information organized and stored on an online server (where multiple users could have access).
                3) An ability to send and save e-mails and attachments as well as notes and any other important information sent to or about a client. This is vital to help protect oneself from future lawsuits.
                4) A multi-dimensional permission tree so I could set permission for several different users to get access to selective information.
                5) An ability to send e-mail marketing campaigns to as many e-mail addresses as I wanted where I could track the e-mails.
                6) An ability to store documents so others who have access to the system can view and download them (with permission protection).
                7) The ability to set a client up with a login and username to the system so I could offer a document storage system to clients and also communicate with them where the communications would be permission protected and where the communication would be saved in the system forever.
                8) An insurance pipeline report (to track pending and close insurance and annuity sales).

                When I looked at my above list and went to market to find a program  to buy or lease, it would be very expensive to obtain and the fact of the matter is that NO program had what I wanted. 

                So, I could pay significant amounts of money for a program that did NOT have what I wanted, or I could cut checks to my programmers to come up with something.  I decided for the latter.

                The light bulb goes on!

                As we were about half way through building our own CRM program, the light bulb went on; and I thought to myself that what we are building is really neat; and I’m betting that literally hundreds or even thousands of advisors who receive my newsletters would like to use it (at the right price point).

                The creation of The 4orce

                So I talked it over with my programmers and asked them how big of a pain it would be to offer this in a mass format to advisors, and they said it would not be a problem at all.   Then when I was playing a Star Wars video game with my son, that’s when I came up with the idea of the name The 4orce (it’s a coincidence that the name is somewhat similar to the most-sold CRM programSalesforce). 

                You’ve heard the saying, “Let the 4orce be with You”?  It’s usually a saying in the Star Wars movies said by one good guy to another right before battle. This is really true when it comes to using The 4orce CRM program.   People in sales fight two battles:

                1) Generating new sales—this is a battle for everyone and The 4orce can certainly help you get organized, make more sales, and provide better service.

                2) Avoiding/Mitigating litigation—professionals especially (insurance advisors, financial planners, CPAs, mortgage brokers, attorneys) have to worry about lawsuits.  Why? They cannot hide behind the limited liability of a corporation.  Part of protecting yourself from litigation is to keep every important communication you have with clients and the documents you provide them. 

                How many times have you purchased a new computer?  Did you save all your information?  Did you get a new computer because of a computer crash and lose information after the crash?  Do you keep all of your important communications with clients? Most advisors DO NOT because much of our communication is done via e-mail, and Outlook is not a good system to track and save mass communications with clients.

                Therefore, The 4orce ultimately will help businesses and professionals not only grow their businesses but also help protect them from liability. 


                One other problem with Salesforce, Goldmine, etc., is the ability to customize it for a particular business or industry.  If you want a new specific tweak or application to Salesforce, do you think you can just pick up the phone and have it tweaked or added?  No way.

                With The 4orce, we are openly looking for feedback from businesses that use it so we can continue to make it better.  Since I did that when we were beta testing the software with my tweaks, I can tell you that tweaks are not that expensive and only take a few days to accomplish.


                Why can we offer The 4orce for $500 for two users a year and $500 for every additional set of five users for $500 more per set? 

                Because the money to build the program has already been spent,  it was going to be spent whether the program was sold to the general public or not.  Additionally, because I feel so strongly that every professional and business that is in the sales business should have this program, I priced it a level that you literally can’t say no.

                As the Co-Founder of the Asset Protection Society (http://www.assetprotectionsociety), it is my duty to do the best I can to give the general public advice or in this case tools they can use to help protect themselves from lawsuits (and that’s just what The 4orce will do).  By putting the price point at such a manageable number, I believe I’ve done my duty to further the concept of asset protection In essence, the price point of The 4orce allows for a small profit margin and enough money to pay the programmers to fully support the system and update it with tweaks as we see fit.

                “Let the 4orce be with You”

                I hope that this history of The 4orce has been helpful to your understanding as to why the program was created and why such a robust system can be priced at so much less than the competition even though the features of the program rival the top companies in the CRM industry (not to mention that The 4orce has several unique features that no CRM program in the industry has).

                I encourage you to watch the training videos for the system.  It will show you how easy it is to use The 4orce and I hope that further motivates you to move forward to protect and grow your business by signing up to use The 4orce.

E-mail for information or to sign up, simply click here to download an order form.   Your system can usually be setup within 24-hours of ordering.


Roccy DeFrancesco, JD
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society