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HOME History of The 4orce The 4orce VS Salesforce

-Isn't time to grow your business (generate new sales) and provide better service to your current clients?  The 4orce is the first CRM program specifically designed for professional users at a price point so you can not say no!

-Stop using Outlook or Act.  If you are not using a CRM program, you need to “Let The 4orce be with you” and get into the 21st Century when it comes growing and protecting your business.

-There is nothing in the market like The 4orce.  If you don’t believe it, just click here to compare our software to the current #1 software in the market Salesforce (the comparison will blow your mind).  To get started, simply click here or e-mail to schedule a time to talk with someone about how The 4orce benefit your business.


-Grow Your Business
-Provide Better Service

  • Create an insurance pipeline report to track open and closed sales*
  • E-newsletter system (with tracking)*
  • E-newsletters to send out*
  • Become more organized by using a task system that is interactive between employees in a virtual environment
  • Use a systematic follow-up system to drip on leads and clients
  • Track the productivity of marketing campaigns
  • Setup a permissions tree to allow different employee access to selected areas of data/information
  • Track the productivity of employees
  • Save documents and correspondence on an outside server
  • Unlike our competitors, virtually all of options/tools of The 4orce come at one low price
  • We invite you to compare The 4orce to any other CRM in the marketplace.
  • Simply put, there is NO comparison.
  • The 4orce is hands down the best CRM program in the marketplace today at a price point that is significantly less than any competitor.

*Unique to the force


Avoid Lawsuits

  • The 4orce is the only CRM program designed to help advisors avoid lawsuits
  • Retain all meaningful communication with clients
  • This includes any documents
  • All communications are kept on offsite servers and will be kept for years to come
  • Templated follow-up CYA letters when making sales
  • Equity Indexed  Universal Life follow-up
  • Fixed Indexed Annuity follow-up
  • Long-Term Care Insurance follow-up
  • General Estate Planning follow-up
  • Any many more…
  • Professionals have liability that lasts for years.  If you do not have have a CRM program that forces you keep ALL of your client communication, you are NOT protecting yourself from lawsuits
  • Lawsuits can be filed 5+ years after sales have been made. 
  • You must keep your communications in a safe place and The 4orce allows you to do so in an easy to use offsite system.